Quality Water Treatment Solutions
Since 1976
Installed More Than 500+ Treatment Units
Across USA
Extensive Experience in Performing Pilot Studies
& Providing Customized Solutions
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Water Equipment Treatment Service

WETS LLC is a Houston based company founded in 1976. We are a professional engineering registered company proud to serve municipality and industrial water treatment needs. We have installed more than 100+ filtration, aeration, clarifier, cooling tower, and GST ventilation units in water systems with capacities ranging from under 50 GPM to over 5000 GPM. We engage with our client right at the inception stage and are dedicated to creating and embracing technologies to find the most cost-effective solution.

We have extensive experience in treating most of the contaminants in the groundwater and surface water. We treat ammonia, arsenic, color, hardness, hydrogen sulfide, fluoride, iron, manganese, nitrate, THM, uranium, radon, and radionuclides.

We offer a pilot study at the plant site so that our solution can be tailored to the client’s specific requirements. We provide detailed TCEQ or EPA report and help the client to get the approval from the statutory board. Our goal is to provide a complete service to our clients, from project feasibility, pilot work, and conceptual design, on through detailed process design, manufacturing, commissioning, installation and beyond. We are an active member of AWWA and are always open to new technologies, new solutions and new ideas.

Our Products

WETS’s product line is as extensive and diverse as any in the potable water industry. We have successfully designed products for surface water, groundwater, environmental remediation, and tertiary filtration. Our products served both commercial and industrial applications.


VOC Strippers

Cooling Tower

Gravity Filter

Pressure Filter
GST Ventilation

Our Quality Policy

Water Equipment and Treatment Services (WETS) is committed to continual quality improvement, meeting our customers’ requirements, and continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system through compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and applicable requirements.

Customer satisfaction is enhanced by using quality objectives that are measurable and have targets for improvement. The quality management system establishes a framework to facilitate the formation and review of quality objectives through the following:

  • Management Reviews
  • Internal and External Audits
  • Feedback from Clients and Employees

All personnel who impact quality are required to familiarize themselves with appropriate documentation and implement the policies and procedures in their work. WETS’ Management is committed to compliance with applicable industry standards and best practices.

The quality policy is communicated to employees to enhance their understanding of how they impact the company’s quality management system. Employees at every level have a responsibility for the quality we offer our customers. Employees are empowered to participate in the continual improvement of the quality management system to maintain its effectiveness. This policy is reviewed for continuing suitability.