Our Key Products

WETS’ product line is as extensive and diverse as any in the potable water industry. We have successfully designed products for groundwater, surface water, environmental remediation, and tertiary filtration. Our products serve both commercial and industrial applications.


As a water treatment solution company, WETS is constantly seeking innovative ways to address the water treatment needs of clients. Our years of experience in aeration water treatment systems and gravity filtration systems has led to development of the Water Aeration Filtration Unit (WAFU®). Our water treating unit comprises aeration and filtration processes in a single vessel. The innovation reduces equipment cost, total installed cost and simplifies the operation and ongoing maintenance. It can also reduce the footprint needed for the equipment.

WAFU Technology

Aerator & VOC Stripper

In an aeration water treatment system, water is contacted with air for two general purposes; to strip volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and gases out of the water, and to expose contaminants in the water to oxygen, so that these contaminants can be oxidized. Where the processing goal is only stripping of volatile components, such as a methane stripper, the equipment is typically referred to as a VOC stripper or gas stripper. Where the purpose is to oxidize objectionable components, the equipment is typically referred to as an aerator. The stripper and aerator are usually very similar in configuration, and aerators often also serve a stripping function as well.

WETS has installed or retrofitted hundreds of aeration water treatment systems and stripping systems for our clients in its over-45-years history, and in this time has developed a wide variety of high-efficiency aeration and stripping processes and equipment. Our designs are highly efficient for aeration, VOC stripping and gas stripping. Our unique distributor, vessel internal components, and in-house blower design exhibit very low-pressure loss for optimum flow distribution. Based on the level of contaminants and specified efficiency, WETS can provide an aerator, VOC stripper or degassifier designed to perform under a variety of demanding specifications, including the treatment for VOCs, iron and manganese oxidation, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, radon, methane, carbon dioxide and THM’s. We can provide a ground aerator or elevated aerator to best meet client requirements.


WETS aeration water treatment systems are widely used for iron and manganese removal from water and THMS water treatment. Aerators come in two varieties, “Forced Draft” or “Induced Draft”. Call a WETS professional engineer to receive an aeration design recommendation that is tailored to your needs.



WETS VOC strippers and degassifiers provide a guaranteed high percentage reduction of gases and VOCs from groundwater sources. WETS forced draft and unique internal packing media are specially selected by our application engineers for maximum efficiency. We also have degassifier designs that work with both; low and high iron applications.

VOC Stripper


WETS has been a water filter system manufacturer since its inception, and offers a wide variety of filtration solutions for potable and wastewater applications. Our proprietary features enhance filter system performance and result in improved water quality. Whether installing a new system or renovating an existing one, WETS approach to filtration ensures superior performance with low operational cost. WETS provides gravity filtration systems and horizontal and vertical pressure filter configurations for flow ranges from 50 GPM to 4000 GPM. Our selection of the proper media is based on the results of our pilot study for the application, which includes testing of various filter media. We offer dual media of anthracite and sand, green sand, activated carbon, and DMI. Our horizontal multi-cell pressure filter requires minimum space. We have optimized our design over many years of plant experience and relentless interaction with plant operators. WETS can fabricate different types of filtration systems for water treatment for iron removal as well as other contaminants.


WETS conventional gravity filtration systems feature very high efficiency and a cost-competitive design. WETS proprietary underdrain is a simple design that can provide better performance and a longer filter bed life than the more expensive and complicated designs of established filter vendors.

WETS offer gravity filters with a capacity range from 1 MGD to over 10 MGD. We can offer manual valves or sophisticated SCADA systems based on the client’s requirements.

gravity filter 1


WETS offers vertical or horizontal pressure filters, which are typically used where processing allows well water to be transferred directly to the GST. They are ideal for smaller flows and buildings accommodating higher headroom but compact allowable footprints.

Water Pressure Filter

Ion Exchange Systems

An ion exchange water treatment system is a specialized technology used in water and wastewater treatment to remove dissolved ions and contaminants from water. Widely used for water softening, ion exchange systems have numerous other applications in metals removal, dealkylation and other specialized services. WETS team of professional engineers, with decades of experience as a water treatment supplier developing customized designs for our clients, can provide a well-designed ion exchange system that properly conforms to the specific conditions of your application.

Ion Exchange - WETS LLC Product


The WETS water cooling tower is often used for cooling and treating water from deep aquifers such as the Catahoula. These aquifers are high temperature and may contain higher volatile components such as methane, hydrogen sulfide and other noxious gases.

Growing potable water demand is leading to increased use of these harder-to-reach aquifers. WETS can design and provide modern high efficiency induced draft or forced draft water cooling towers for these applications, not only targeting temperature reduction but also capable of volatile contaminant removal. It is another example where WETS‘ unique designs can provide multiple solutions in a single process.

Water Cooling Tower System


WETS offers proprietary and easy-to-maintain GST water ventilation systems for the removal of volatile components such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. Our venting system is designed to retain maximum chlorine and remove only the volatile components, thus saving on the chlorine cost.

While available in the industry, WETS does not provide or recommend tank ventilation and aeration systems for THM removal. Where aeration is the best option for THMS water treatment, WETS recommends dedicated THM removal in a separate aeration vessel. The challenges to integrating aeration for THM removal into a tank design are considerable, and WETS on several occasions has been asked to troubleshoot such systems. In these situations, we have recommended going to a separate aeration vessel.

Water Ventilation System

Solutions to Your Water Treatment Needs

Whether you want a new water treatment system installed, need your current one inspected and repaired, or just want a free quote, contact the WETS LLC. With years of experience in the industry, our skilled team members are trained and knowledgeable with a variety of leading water equipment and products. Our certified water purification experts are here to help.