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Recent jobs

In its 45 years of operation as a water treatment equipment supplier and water solution company, successfully executing hundreds of water treatment projects, WETS has developed many innovative solutions to address the water treatment needs of our clients.

This photo gallery exhibits recent water treatment projects utilizing state of the art technology and equipment, often with WETS-proprietary equipment and processing developed through these years of experience.

From our Water Aeration Filtration Unit (WAFU)® (comprising aeration and filtration processes in a single vessel) through designs featuring the latest developments in gravity filtration systems, pressure filtration systems, aeration water treatment, cooling tower systems, and GST water ventilation systems, WETS is dedicated to creating and embracing technologies to find the most cost-effective solutions for your water treatment issue.

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Vintage Jobs

In its over 45 years history as a water treatment company, WETS has significantly expanded its role as a water treatment equipment supplier and water solution company for municipal and industrial clients in Texas and the surrounding areas. This photo gallery exhibits some of this history, depicting some of our early designs for aeration in water treatment, municipal and industrial water filtration systems, and cooling tower systems for applications such as water treatment for iron removal, uranium removal from water, hydrogen sulfide treatment, and arsenic removal systems.

Solutions to Your Water Treatment Needs

Whether you want a new water treatment system installed, need your current one inspected and repaired, or just want a free quote, contact the WETS LLC. With years of experience in the industry, our skilled team members are trained and knowledgeable with a variety of leading water equipment and products. Our certified water purification experts are here to help.