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In its 45 years of operation as a water treatment equipment supplier and water solution company, successfully executing hundreds of water treatment projects, WETS has developed many innovative solutions to address the water treatment needs of our clients.

This photo gallery exhibits recent water treatment projects utilizing state of the art technology and equipment, often with WETS-proprietary equipment and processing developed through these years of experience.

From our Water Aeration Filtration Unit (WAFU)® (comprising aeration and filtration processes in a single vessel) through designs featuring the latest developments in gravity filtration systems, pressure filtration systems, aeration water treatment, cooling tower systems, and GST water ventilation systems, WETS is dedicated to creating and embracing technologies to find the most cost-effective solutions for your water treatment issue.

A001 Alamo Water Refiners

A002 City of Abilene

A003 City of Albany

A004 Allied Chemical

A005 City of Alto

A006 Alto Rural WSC

A007 Ambassador College

A008 Amoco Storehouse

A009 City of Anahuac


A011 Angelina WSC

A012 Anheuser Busch

A013 Aqua Control Supply

A014 Aqua WSC

A015 Arlington WTP

A016 Asarco

A017 Atascosa Rural WSC

A018 ATS Irrigation

A019 Austin County WSC

A020 AWR Services

A021 Air Land Emergency Resource Team

B001 Brazos Valley Utility Bryon

B002 Bammel UD

B003 Bolivar Peninsula

B004 City of Bastrop

B005 Bastrop County WCID 2

B006 Basis Petroleum

B007 Beeville Water Plant

B008 Ben Wheeler WSC

B009 City of Blanco

B010 City of Bothel

B011 City of Blackwell

B012 Big Brown

B013 Bigfoot WSC

B014 Big Three Industires

B015 Buck Springs Water

B016 Blackjack WSC

B017 Blocker Crossroads WSC

B018 Blue Bonnet RWC

B019 Blue Bonnet WSC Temple

B020 Bob Johnson & Associates

B021 City of Boerne

B022 Bovay Scout Ranch

B023 BP Amoco Chemical Company

B024 Brazos Bend SRA

B025 Brazosport

B026 Village of Briarcliff

B027 Town of Broaddus Filter Rehab

B028 Brookeland Fresh WSD

B029 Browndale FWSD

B030 Brownsville PUD

B031 Brown and Root

B032 Boise Cascade

B034 Brice Environment

C001 Camp Olympia

C002 Caney Creek MUD

C003 City of Canton

C004 Caprock Canyon SP

C005 City of Chalmette

C006 Cal Maine Foods

C007 Carrizo Springs Water

C008 Carlos WSC

C009 Central Power and Light Company

C010 Creedmoor Maha WSC

C011 Cape Royale

C012 CWC

C013 Central Water Control and Improvement Office

C014 Champaigne Webber

C015 Champion International

C016 Chelford City MUD

C017 Chester Water Supply

C018 City of Christine

C019 Choke Canyon Water System

C020 Coastal WA

C021 CocaCola Bottling

C022 City of Columbus

C023 Clear Lake City WA

C023 Clear Lake WA

C024 Combined Consumers


C026 Colorado Silica Sand

C027 Combined Consumer SUD

C028 City of Comfort

C029 City of Como

C030 City of Corrigan

C031 City of Corpus Christi

C032 Clear Lake Pines Maintenance

C033 Craft Turney Water Supply

C034 Crisswell Distributors

C035 City of Crockett

C036 Crosby WTP

C037 Centerville WS

C038 City of Cushing

C039 Cypress Creek WSC

C040 Cypress Springs SUD

C041 Cypress Springs WSC

C042 Cypress Creek UD

C043 Cinco Ranch

C044 Central Texas Water Maintenance

C045 Chevron USA

C046 Clark Refinery

C047 Canyon Park WSC

C048 Clearbrook City MUD

C049 Crossroads Utility Service

C050 Champion Paper

C051 Corps of Engineers

C052 City of Cotulla

C053 Caney Creek HS Aerator

D001 Damascus Stryker WSC

D002 Dupont Plant

D003 City of Denison

D004 Department of the Army

D005 Davenport Drilling

D006 City of Devine WSC

D007 Dilley WTP

D008 City of Dilley

D009 Deer Heaven

D010 Dow Chemicals

D011 Dobbin Plantersville WSC

D012 De Nora Tri county SUD

D013 Double Horn Creek WSC

D014 Dowdell Public Utility District

D015 Dry Gas Petroleum System

D016 Dorr

D017 Dart Industries

D018 Datum Equipment

E001 Eagle Creek Ranch

E002 Electro Mec

E003 Eagle Falls Pilot Study

E004 Elkhart WS

E005 City of Elgin

E006 El Indio WTP

E007 East Central Independent School

E008 Enviroquip

E009 Etoile WSC

E010 El Paso

E011 Ellis II

E012 Elsa WTP

E013 City of Ellinger

E014 Eagle Creek Ranch

E015 Emerald Estates

E015 Emerald Estate WSC

E016 Elderville WSC

E017 El Camino Bay

E017 El Camino Bay

E019 EMC WSC Lodi


E019 EMC Smithland Filter WAFU

F001 Fain Co

F002 Fairfield WTP

F003 Falcon Dam

F004 Falcon Rural WSC

F005 Fayette County WSC

F006 Fayette County WC & ID

F007 F.F. Smith & Associates

F008 Filteration Media Services

F009 Filters Unlimited

F010 Falcon Group

F011 City of Florence

F012 City of Floresville

F013 F.M.C. Corporation

F014 Formosa Utility Ventures

F015 Fountainhead MUD

F016 Four Way Water Supply

F017 Frost Vernon

F018 Fuller Springs WC & ID

F019 City of Flatonia

F020 City of Fulshear Aerators

F021 Fort Sam Houston Powder Creek

F022 City of Franklin

F023 Flo WSC

F024 Ford Engineering

F025 Formosa Plastics

F026 Fort Bend Services

F027 Forest WSC Filtration Unit for Color Removal

G001 Garfield Water Plant

G002 Gates Molded Prod

G003 City of Georgetown

G004 Gilliam Contractors

G005 Goldenwood WSC

G006 Gonzalez County

G007 GSF

G008 Goodland Farms

G009 City of Granite Shoals

G010 City of Grapeland

G011 Glen lake WSC

G012 Greenwood Marine Management

G013 Guadalupe Blanco River Authority

G014 Gulf Coast Pump & Supply

G015 Gulfgate Engineering

G016 Georgia Pacfiic

G017 Greenville Texas

G018 City of Gordon

G019 Groesbeck

G020 Gravel Products

H001 Hagco Building Systems

H002 City of Hallettsville

H003 Hamilton WTP

H004 Hampshire Chemical

H005 Harlingen Waterworks System

H006 Harris County Precinet #2

H007 Harris County detention center

H008 HCID 18

H009 City of Huntington

H010 City of Huntsville

H011 Harvest Fresh Seafood

H012 Hemphill-El Camino Water System

H013 Heritage Bay Condominiums

H014 Hickory Hill WSC

H015 Holloway

H016 City of Houston

H017 Houston Light and power

H018 Hays of Utility

H019 Hudson WSC

H020 Hurst Creek MUD

H021 City of Huxley

H022 Hydroforge

H023 City of Hempstead

H024 City of Hemphill

H025 City of Harlingen

H026 Herradura Ranch

H027 Hoover Construction

I001 Industrial Air tool

I002 International Alert academy

I003 International Boundary & Water Commission

I004 Ironite Products

J001 City of Jacksonville Filter Rehab

J002 Jack L Murphy

J003 James Boyd

J004 City of Jasper

J005 Jaguar

J006 J.M Rock & Associates

J007 Johnston Water Well Service

J008 J & K Utility Services

K001 Karnes City well sites

K002 Keenan WSC

K003 Kellyville

K004 City of Kemp

K005 Kendall County W C & ID # 1

K006 Kendall County W C & ID # 12

K007 City of Kennard

K008 Kingsland WTP

K009 Kingwood Utility District #5

K010 K&K

K012 Kerr County

L001 Lago Vista

L002 City of La Grange Water Plant

L003 Lagrulla Water plant

L004 Laguna Madre Water District

L005 Lajitas WS

L006 City of La Joya

L007 Lake Brownwood State Park

L008 Lake L B J Mud


L010 LEM Construction

L011 Lakeaire

L012 Lake Livingston WSC

L013 Lakeside Beach civic Association

L014 Lakeway MUD

L015 La Paloma Sola Ranch

L016 Las Palomas

L017 City of La Vernia, Wilson County

L017 City of La Vernia, Wilson County – La Vernia TX

L018 City of La Villa

L019 Layne Western

L020 Layne

L021 Leisure Land WTP

L022 Len

L023 Levi Strauss

L024 Liberty Hill

L025 Lilly Grove WSC

L026 Lilly Grove Special Utility District

L027 LLano County MUD #1

L028 L. L. Flowers Construction

L029 Lone Star Public Water System

L030 Louisiana Power & Light

L031 City of Lufkin

L032 City of Lyford

L033 Loop

L034 Lake Travis

L035 Leisure Lane RV Park

L036 Longview Texas

L037 L & S Fabricating

L038 Los Escondidos WSC

M001 MacBee WSC

M002 Madisonville WTP

M003 City of Magnolia

M004 Maintaince Engineering

M005 Malcomson RD MUD

M006 City of Marksville

M007 Manville WSC

M008 Marble Falls WTP

M009 Marlin WTP

M010 City of Mart

M011 Martindale WSC

M012 Matagorda County WCID #2

M013 City of McAllen

M014 McClain Co. RWD #8

M015 McCoy WSC Water Plant #5 #10 #12

M016 Mckinely Drilling

M017 M D Anderson Research Center

M018 Meadowlakes MUD

M019 Meadowlakes WSC

M020 City of Mercedes

M021 Mercer Construction

M022 Mexicana De Servicios Subacuaticos

M023 Morgan City Project MEXSSUB

M024 Military Highway WSC

M025 Millard George

M026 Miox Corporation

M027 M & M WSC

M028 Mobil Oil Corporation

M029 Moffat WSC

M030 Monument Hill site

M031 City of Moulton

M032 MUD 5

M033 MUD 9

M034 MUD 11 Harris County

M035 MUD 15 Northwest Harris County

M036 MUD 18

M037 MUD 19 Montgomery County

M038 MUD 15 Northwest Harris County

M039 MUD 24

M040 Mabank Texas

M041 MUD 88

M042 MUD 102 Site

M043 Montgomery County No. 105

M043 MC MUD 105 Elevated Aerator

M044 MUD 131

M045 MUD 150 Harris County

M046 Mischer

M047 City of Midway

M048 MUD 215

M049 MUD 217 Harris County

M050 MUD 211 / 233 Harris County

M051 MUD 5 Ground Aerator

M052 MUD 286

M053 MUD 304

M055 MUD 383

M056 MUD 530

M057 Murray Rubber Plant site

M058 Mustang SUD

M059 MUD 157 Montgomery County Pilot Study

M060 MUD 542 Harris County

M061 MUD 152 GST Ventilation

M062 MUD 281

M062 Mavera Quadvest Conroe Water Plant Aerator

M063 MUD 119 Harris County WCID

M064 Mavera Water Plant

M065 MUD 230 Harris County

M066 UD #3 Montgomery County

M067 McWhorter Robert

M068 City of Mount Calm

M069 Grainger Pine Montgomery County MUD 164

M070 MUD 119 Gemini Contracting Services

M071 City of Mauriceville LA

M072 Medio Creek WRC

M073 MUD 163 Aerator and Tower

M074 MUD 238 IX Filters

N001 National Laundry

N002 Navasota WSC

N003 NE Washington County

N004 City of Newcastle

N005 New Hope WSC Site

N006 City of New Hope

N007 City of Newton

N008 Newton Project

N010 Nigton Wakefield WSC

N011 NSM Industries

N012 Nueces County W.C. & I.D.

N013 City of Nome

N014 Nottingham Country MUD

N015 City of Nacogdoches

N016 NEW WSC Plant #1

N017 Nogalus Centralia

N018 NTS

N019 Natgas

O001 Oakridge Water Supply

O002 Oak Hill Fresh Water Supply District #1

O003 Oak Hollow Estates

O004 Oakmont PUD Plant 1

O005 Oakmont village Saddle Mountain WSC

O007 Olmito WSC

O008 Onalaska Water & Gas Supply

O009 Ozone Technology

O010 Oglebay Norton

P001 City of Pflugerville

P002 Palo Pinto Project

P003 Pan American University

P004 City of Pearsall

P005 Pedernales Falls State Park

P006 Peerless Farms

P007 Paris Texas

P008 Phibro Houston Refinery

P009 Phibro Energy USA

P010 Picosa WSC

P011 Pine Springs WSC

P012 Pizzagalli Construction

P013 PB&SC WSC Pilot Study

P013 PB & SC WSC Well 4 and Well 6 Filters

P013 PB & SC WSC Well 1 Filter

P014 Polonia WSC

P015 P & L Associates

P016 Pollock Redtown WSC

P017 Port Isabel Detention Center

P018 Porter Water Supply

P019 City of Poteet

P020 Possum Kingdom State Park

P021 Property Management Services

P022 Providence WSC

P023 PB & SC WSC

P024 Placo Ltd

PO25 Pine Cove

P026 Pine Cove Aerator and Tower

Q001 Quadvest

R001 Radiance WSC

R002 Rain Soft of Houston

R003 Rayburn Country MUD

R004 Rolls Mgt

R005 Raycriswell Distributing

R006 Real County Water Plant

R007 Redland WSC

R008 Red River Army Depot

R009 Rexene Polyolefins

R010 Rexene Product

R011 Reklaw WTP


R013 Rhode Pipe Company

R014 City of Rhome

R015 Ridge Harbor Water System

R016 Rio Bravo Water Company

R017 Rio Grande Valley Sugar Growers

R018 City of Rio Hondo

R019 Riverside Harbor Water Plant

R021 City of Rose

R022 Robertson WSC plant 3

R024 Rockland WSC

R025 City of Round Rock


R027 City of Rusk

R028 Rusk State Hospital

R029 Radar Site

R030 Royal Lakes Estate Water Plant

R031 Reutersville

R032 Rock Creek Resort WTP Pilot Study

S001 Sail Havel Water System

S002 San Antonio Water Supply

S003 San Benito

S004 San Jacinto River Authority

S005 San Jacinto Battleground State Park WTP

S006 San Juan

S007 San Patricio Municipal Water

S008 San Ygnatio MUD

S009 Sandy Harbor WTP

S010 Sharyland WSC

S011 Sandyland WTP

S012 City of Seguin

S013 City of Schulenburg PWU

S014 Sebastian WSC

S015 Seneca WSC

S016 Shasla PUD

S017 City of Shenandoah

S018 Sherwin Alumina

S019 Sienna Plantation WTP

S020 Siesta Shores WCID

S021 Silver Creek Village WSC

S022 Six Flags Fiesta Texas

S023 Slocum Water Supply

S024 City of Smithville

S025 City of Somerville

S026 South Newton Water Supply

S027 South Road WSC

S028 South Rusk

S029 Southeast WSC

S030 Sutherland Springs WSC

S031 Sunrise Beach WTP

S032 Southwest Fluid Products

S033 Southwest Milam WSC

S034 Sparkling Clear Industries

S035 Specific Equipment

S036 Spring Hill WSC

S037 Springtown WTP

S038 City of Star Harbor

S039 Stockdale WSC

S040 STP Nuclear Operating Company

S041 City of Strawn

S042 City of Streetman

S043 Sulzer Pumps

S044 Sabine River Authority

S045 Sun Company

S046 City of Sun Oil

S047 City of Sweeny

S048 Sugar Cane Grower

S049 Smith Farms

S050 Salem Lutheran Church

S051 SI Environment

S052 Southwest ISD

S053 Springwood Village Blowers

S054 San Marcos WTP

T001 T Bar M Tennis Ranch

T002 City of Taft

T003 Tech Minerals

T004 Tejas Boiler Service

T005 Tempe

T006 City of Temple

T007 Texas Airstream Harbor

T008 Texas Instruments

T009 Texas Municipal Services La Porte

T010 Texas Site Contractors

T011 Tilden TX

T012 Texas Tech

T013 City of Thorndale

T014 Three Oaks WSC

T015 City of Timpson

T016 City of Tomball

T017 Trail of the Lakes PUD

T018 Texas Parks & W.L.

T019 Tri-County SUD Pilot Study

T019 Tri County SUD

T019 TriCounty Filter Rehab

T020 Trinity Bay Conservation

T021 Trinity River Authority

T022 Trinity Rural Water

T023 City of Trinity

T024 City of Troup

T025 TX Dept of Corrections

T026 TX Dept of Hwy

T028 Tyler County WSC

T029 City of Tempe

T030 Travis county WCID No.17

T031 Travis county WCID No.20

T032 Travis County MUD No.04

T033 Texas Department of Criminal Justice

T034 City of Throckmorton

T035 City of Three Rivers

T036 City of Taylor WTP

T037 Texas Corridor Construction

T038 Texas Pump & Pure Water

T039 Topaz Power Plant

T040 Toshiba Tertiary Filters for Waste Water

U001 Uhlrich Natasha

U002 Ullrich WTP

U003 US Filter

U004 U of T Cancer Center

U005 U of T Health Science Center

U006 Uplands WTP

U007 Upper Jasper

U009 Upper Leon MUD

U010 Uticor

U011 Utopia Sales and Service

U012 Uvalde National Fish Hatchery Water Reuse System

V001 Valero, Houston

V002 Vernon WTP

V003 City of Victoria

V004 Vista Del Rio

V005 Vulcan Chemicals

V006 Valero

V007 V.W. Frost

W001 City of Waco

W002 Westwood Shores MUD

W004 Water Utility Chemicals

W005 Waterwood MUD No. 1

W006 City of Weatherford

W007 City of Weimar

W008 Water Environmental & Technical Services

W009 Wiatrek’s Services

W010 Windermere

W011 Windfern Forest UD

W012 Winkler WSC

W013 Winnie WTP

W014 Wixon WSC

W015 Woodlands WTP

W016 Woods Creek WSC

W017 City of Woodville

W018 City of Waelder

W019 Walker County Rural WSC

W020 Wallis Concrete

W021 Wallisville WTP

W023 Warm Springs Rehab Hospital

W024 Water Control Equipment

W025 Water Treatment Construction

W026 City of Waxahachie

W027 Town of Wayne

W028 City of Wells

W029 West Cedar Creek MUD

W030 Westfield Real Property

W031 Westwood Shore PS

W032 Whisenant & Lyle Water Services

W033 City of Walhalla

W034 White Oak Bend MUD

W035 City of White Oak

W036 Wilderness Sound

W037 Wildewest Club

W038 Williams County MUD

W039 Williams Wayne

W040 Want Enterprises

W041 City of Willis

W042 West End WSC

Y001 City of Yoakum

Y002 City of Yorktown

Y003 Young Cement Finishing

Z001 Zapata County

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