Pilot Study

Pilot Studies

WETS can offer a pilot study program to determine the optimal solution to a client’s needs. Due to the particular characteristics of well waters and surface waters, a properly executed pilot program is often key providing proper water quality at an effective cost. In our 40+ years of experience, we have performed more than 100 successful pilot studies. Pilot study is conducted at the site facility to demonstrate the performance of various technologies options proposed to the client. WETS provide portable and free-standing pilot units. Our pilot studies are carried out by a licensed professional engineer. Results are provided in a certified report, suitable for submittal to the EPA or other regulatory authority for approval of the commercial project. Our capabilities include pilot aerators, filtration systems, and chemical dosing, We are developing an enclosed pilot trailer with sophisticated control system to monitor and test on-site.

Prior to the start of the pilot study, a comprehensive pilot protocol is developed by WETS and shared with the client and interested parties. One of our experienced professionals then performs the on-site pilot study and collects samples. A complete report from our engineering department is available after receipt of laboratory data. The report includes process recommendations and discussion of process efficiency.

Arsenic Aeration
Color Chemical coagulation / flocculation
Fluoride Clarification
Hardness Filtration
Hydrogen Sulphide Ion exchange
Iron Membrane separation
Manganese Stripping
Nitrate Media comparisons
Radon Loading rate comparisons
Uranium Activated alumina adsorption