Radium as a Water Contaminant

Ra-226 and Ra-228 are natural ground water contaminant usually occurs at trace levels. Radioactive decay of Uranium produces Ra-226 and also emits alpha and gamma radiation.Thorium Th-232 decay produce Ra-228 and emit beta radiation. The decay of Uranium and Thorium occurs as they have high energy level and unstable. Conversion to radon will emit alpha particles (two protons and two neutrons) and beta particles (electrons). Radon, alpha, beta, gamma radiation at high level cause cancer.

Radium Removal from Water Texas USA

Maximum Contaminant Level

EPA established MCL to 5 pci/L

Public Health Concern

At high exposure levels, Ra-226 and Ra-228 can cause bone, stomach, lung, and other cancers in humans.

WETS Treatment

WETS has many years of experience treating radionuclides. Our pilot study includes Ion Exchange, green sand filtration, coagulation/dual filter media, and hydrous manganese oxidation filtration to treat radium-226 and 228. Radon is also found along with radium. Our Unique design of aeration/filtration remove the gases and liquid in a single unit saves cost and reduces the footprint of the unit.

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