GST Ventilation


GST Ventilation

WETS offers proprietary and easy-to-maintain ventilation systems for ground storage tanks, designed for the removal of volatile components such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. Our venting system is designed to retain maximum chlorine and remove only the volatile components, thus saving on the chlorine cost.

While available in the industry, WETS does not provide or recommend tank ventilation and aeration systems for THM removal. WETS has had success, in the appropriate applications, in using tank ventilation for the easier-to-remove volatiles such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. However, THM is more difficult to remove to specification, and where aeration is the best option for THM removal, WETS recommends dedicated THM removal in a separate aeration vessel.

Water Ventilation System

The issue with any aeration is providing surface area for contact between the air and water. A packed tower aerator with inlet spray system does a far better of providing surface area for contact than storage tank aeration. The challenges to integrating aeration for THM removal into a tank design are considerable, and WETS on several occasions has been asked to troubleshoot such systems. In these situations, we have recommended going to a separate aeration vessel.

Also note that aeration may not be the best solution for a THM problem. Removal of THM precursors by coagulation and filtration may be a better option for a particular application.

Regardless of the contaminant of issue, it is crucial to identify the optimum approach for the removal process. Each situation needs to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, so a well-executed pilot study is essential. WETS’ ability to conduct a pilot study quickly and inexpensively is a clear differentiator for our company. WETS will mobilize its pilot study team to your site and conduct the appropriate studies on a slipstream of your water. Our pilot study report will lead to the design of a customized solution, and be part of documentation forTCEQ approval.

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