GST Water Ventilation System by Water Equipment And Treatment Services (WETS)

WETS offers proprietary and easy-to-maintain GST water ventilation systems for the removal of volatile components. Our venting system is designed to retain maximum chlorine and remove only the volatile components, thus saving on the chlorine cost.

What Is the Purpose of GST Water Ventilation System?

The GST Ventilation in the water treatment or filtration plants is not restricted to serve the sole purpose, in fact, it has multiple purposes as follows:

    • To provide fresh and healthy air for the staff making the work atmosphere cozy.
    • To abandon the emitted contaminants
    • To prevent the spread of atmospheric contaminants
    • To manage the airflow intake and outlets
    • To adjust the internal atmosphere by dehumidifying the air, maintaining the temperature of the room, eliminating the heat generated and ensuring the security in case of fire by extracting the smoke.

GST Ventilation

Types of Ventilation:

Your premise can be designed using the following three ways:

  1. Natural Ventilation – Natural Ventilation is built without using an extraction fan and guiding the air to move out via wind, natural convention or chimney.
  2. Single-Flow Ventilation – Single-flow ventilation can be built in two ways, either Using mechanical air supply with natural air outlet or mechanical extraction with natural air intake.
  3. Double-Flow Ventilation – Double-Flow Ventilation can be built with mechanical air eradication and supply.

Dimensioning the Ventilation flow rates:

Ventilation must usually be dimensioned considering the following objectives:

  1. Evacuation of Contaminants
  2. Evacuation of the amount of heat lost
  3. Evacuation of Humidity
  4. Heating of Premises
Contact WETS Engineers for highly efficient GST water ventilation systems according to your needs.