Engineering Solutions


Engineering Solutions

The development of engineering solutions is integral to our approach in developing your water treatment solution. Our team consists of professional chemical engineers who have decades of design and operational experience in industrial and municipal water treatment. If you are working on a project and need particular help on one aspect of the project, please give us a call. We offer pilot study, engineering design, hydraulics, detailed engineering, control logic, and SCADA system design at a very reasonable price.

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Structural Design

For the design of WETS’ water treatment solutions, structural design involves equipment foundations and support towers. In our role as a water treatment equipment supplier, our challenge is to transform innovative ideas into practical and reliable systems.

WETS leads with the right concepts to meet your needs and brings the advantage of system fabrication and installation know-how to capitalize on the best means and methods for cost-effective results.

In our municipal and industrial water treatment systems, we focus beyond the initial installation to ensure that your system is designed to last and function reliably for many years under varying conditions and requirements. Our engineers utilize the experience of our commissioning and service professionals to design systems that will be serviceable and perform efficiently for the long term.

Creative solutions, cost-effective designs and reliable performance is our engineers’ commitment.

WETS offers highly competitive services for the engineering of innovative and reliable process plants and plant components.

Piping Design

Isometric drawings are used during the engineering, procurement, and construction phases of municipal and industrial water treatment systems. Isometric drawings are extremely helpful in representing the piping system, the general arrangement of equipment and components, optimal layouts, and coordination. The isometric drawing proves to be significantly helpful for cross-checking and validating the piping design. At WETS, our team of engineers utilizes industry-leading software and standards to model and design systems that are offered as part of our portfolio of water treatment solutions.

Our services include:


Solutions to Your Water Treatment Needs

Whether you want a new water treatment system installed, need your current one inspected and repaired, or just want a free quote, contact the WETS LLC. With years of experience in the industry, our skilled team members are trained and knowledgeable with a variety of leading water equipment and products. Our certified water purification experts are here to help.