VOC Stripping and Degasifier by Water Equipment And Treatment Services (WETS)

WETS LLC offers a wide variety of high-efficiency aeration processes and equipment. Our aerators are highly efficient for VOC stripping and gas stripping. Our unique distributor, vessel internal components, and in-house blower design exhibit very low-pressure loss for flow distribution.

Based on the level of contaminants and specified efficiency, WETS can provide an aerator, VOC stripper or degasifier designed to perform under a variety of demanding specifications, including the treatment for VOCs, iron oxidation, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, radon, methane, carbon dioxide, and THM. WETS VOC strippers and degasifiers provide guaranteed high percentage reduction of gases and Volatile Organic Compounds from groundwater sources. WETS forced draft and unique internal packing media are specially selected by our application engineers for maximum efficiency. We also have degasifier designs that work with both low and high iron applications.

VOC Stripper or degasifier

Contact WETS Engineers for highly efficient VOC stripping and gas stripping according to your needs.

What is a VOC Stripper or Degasifier?

VOC Stripper or Degasifier is widely accepted as Air Strippers or Aeration Towers. The equipment used in Drinking Water Treatment Facilities that helps in removing odors caused by gases such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is called Degasifier. Degasifier water treatment works by pulling off the dissolved H2S from water that results in having the odor reduced in the water.

Benefits of VOC Stripper or Degasifier:

There are several benefits of using Degasifier water treatment or using air stripping in industrial wastewater treatment. Some of them are listed below :

    • It helps in reducing odors and other pollutants from the water.
    • It only uses certified materials to purify drinking water.
    • It has the working efficiency and capacity of purifying around 7 Million Gallons a Day (MGD).
    • It is a low maintenance process.
    • It is designed to strip and pull off H2S, CO2, THMs, and VOCs.
    • All the materials used in creating the Degasifier Water Treatment system are claimed to have the maximum structural integrity and utmost protection against corrosion. It provides 100% UV blockage which helps in preventing biological growth and reduces the maintenance cost.

Applications of Degasifier Water Treatment?

    • It can be installed to remove the H2S odor from the Municipal drinking water treatment plants.
    • It can be installed to strip VOC from the water.
    • It can be used for Groundwater remediation.
    • It can be used to remove Carbon dioxide (CO2).

How does Degasifier Water Treatment work?

The contaminated water is poured at the top of the Degasifier Water Treatment system allowing it to drain through the packed pathway. Ambient air is then introduced into the system compartment and it rises up to get mixed with the water. The dissolved pollutants are then relocated from the liquid phase to the gas phase concerning the transfer properties of chemical as well as mechanical mass. The amount of transfer can be reinforced by taking several factors into consideration. It contains the packing media that maintains the balance between the surface area and the void area to heighten the equal distribution of both gas and liquid inside the compartment. The counter-current operation helps in maximizing the difference in concentration of the focussed components in the air as well as the water.

Here are some elements that play a crucial role while choosing the right Degasifier:

    • Water Quality
    • Equipment Protection
    • Economics and Space Considerations
    • Ease of Operation

The Forced Draft Degasifier is commonly used in industries. However, there are few other types of Degasifiers available in the market such as,

    • Thermal Degasifier
    • Vacuum Degasifier
    • Membrane Degasifier
Contact WETS Engineers for highly efficient VOC stripping and gas stripping according to your needs.