Gravity Water Filter Systems by Water Equipment And Treatment Services (WETS)

WETS offers a wide variety of filtration solutions for potable and wastewater applications. Our proprietary features enhance filter system performance and result in improved water quality. Whether installing a new system or renovating an existing one, WETS’s approach to filtration ensures superior performance with low operational cost.

What is Gravity Water Filter?

In today’s world, Gravity filters are widely used to separate solid waste from the liquid and play an important part in the completion of the whole water filtration process. The Best Gravity Water Filter can assimilate a variety of media such as anthracite, sand, and GAC to meet the needs of every water filtration plant. Moreover, Gravity water filtration systems allow an easy analysis during the operation period and it usually has a smaller profile.

Gravity water filtration systems are available in a wide range of designs and configurations that are customizable according to the business needs and to meet several limitations such as footprint, water quality, and flow requirements. You can customize the filter designs either in a round or rectangular shape and also you can decide if you want them to be single or multi-cell.

Gravity water filters are usually built of the painted carbon steel; on the contrary, you can design your system with anti-corrosion materials as the likes of aluminum or stainless steel. Gravity filters also allow you the flexibility in design to help become a perfect fit as per your requirements.

Gravity Water Filter

Contact WETS Engineers for highly efficient Gravity water filtration systems according to your needs.

5 Features of Gravity Water Filter Systems:

Industrial Gravity Filter possesses the following features.

  1. Single-cell (Cylindrical design)
  2. Multiple-cell (Rectangular design)
  3. Stainless steel, Painted steel and/or Concrete Constructions
  4. Integrated Baffle and Trough Systems
  5. Electric Valve Operations
  6. Integrated Aeration Assembly
  7. Prefabricated Tanks
  8. Available in a different set of minerals
  9. Designs for Self-contained backwash are available
  10. Wide range of media selection available for a variety of applications.

4 Benefits of Gravity Filter Water Treatment:

  1. Easy Inspection
  2. Minimal space requirement
  3. Ease of Installation
  4. Minimal time and cost for Installation

Contaminants commonly removed by Gravity Water Filter:

    • Iron and Manganese
    • Suspended Solids
    • Odor & Taste
    • Color
    • Organics (TOCs & SOCs)

Common Configurations of Gravity Filter:

    • Vertical Cylinder Gravity Filters (Cap <500 gpm/unit)
    • Horizontal Rectangular Gravity Filters (Cap >500 gpm/unit)

Types of Gravity Water Filter Systems:

  1. Activated Carbon – Removes Chlorine and Other Organics
  2. Manganese Greensand – Removes Manganese and Iron
  3. Dual Media – Removes all the suspended solids and heavy sediment
  4. Sand – Removes Sediment and heavy particulate
Contact WETS Engineers for highly efficient Gravity water filtration systems according to your needs.