W002 Westwood Shores MUD

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W002 Westwood Shores MUD

The municipal water treatment system for Westwood Shores MUD was having issues with hydrogen sulfide contamination, and Westwood Shores sought a hydrogen sulfide treatment solution from WETS.

WETS performed a pilot study to determine if standalone aeration water treatment would be sufficient to remove the free hydrogen sulfide from water. The study found that iron and manganese contamination, while below TCEQ maximum levels, was present at sufficient levels to color the water upon aeration. The treatment design, therefore, would have to include iron and manganese removal from water.

WETS recommended a water treatment solution utilizing their WAFU technology, where the aerator and filter units are combined in a single unit, which provides advantages over the conventional aerator and filter units for aeration water treatment. The WETS dual media filter bed in the WAFU unit would trap the soluble manganese, element sulfur, unreacted hydrogen sulfur and produce clean quality water

WETS scope of work included providing two 150 gpm WAFU aeration/filters units on a concrete slab along with two 150 gpm transfer pumps, aboveground and underground piping, and a control panel.

Client : Westwood Shores MUD

Year : 2022

Category : Pilot Study