T040 Toshiba Tertiary Filters for Waste Water


T040 Toshiba Tertiary Filters for Waste Water

Toshiba was interested in the possibilities of reusing treated wastewater for irrigation and approached WETS for the best water treatment solution. WETS proposed and, on approval, provided a pressure filtration system that included: two 2’-6” tertiary pressure filters each sized for 17.5 gpm flow; a 35-gpm transfer pump from clarifier tank to the pressure filters; a 4 ft x 14 ft holding tank high to collect backwash water from two filters; a 10-gpm holding tank pump to transfer backwash water from the holding tank back to upstream of the wastewater treatment unit; and a 10 ft x 20 ft treated water tank to accumulate the clean irrigation quality water.

Client : Toshiba Tertiary

Year : 2023

Category : Filter