T017 Trails of Lakes Ground Aerator

Trail of the lakes 2

T017 Trails of Lakes Ground Aerator

Due to issues with their existing aerator, Trail of the Lakes MUD WP2 was looking to replace the aerator with a new 1500 gpm aeration water treatment system designed for hydrogen sulfide treatment.

Based on pilot plant results, WETS proposed to replace the existing elevated aeration unit with a ground aerator unit. In the new aerator system, hydrogen sulfide and other volatile gases would be removed from the water. Methane at concentrations within the explosive range while not expected, based on water analysis) would be diluted, if present, to below the lower explosive limit by air stripping and safely vented at an elevated discharge point.

This WETS package included a 10 ft diameter x 20 ft high aerator vessel, two 6,000 CFM forced draft blowers, 7 ft of Lanpac-XL packing, three 800 gpm transfer pumps, piping components, control panel and instrumentation.

Client : Trail of the Lakes MUD WP2

Year : 2023

Category : Aerator