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Shasla PUD

Shasla Public Utilities District (PUD) located in Spring, Texas required Aerator rehab work in their aeration water treatment system supplied by Layne Christensen Company. The aerator is designed by the supplier to handle 2000 gpm of flow. The 12-foot diameter fiberglass aerator is utilized by Shasla to remove gaseous impurities from the well water using a blower that provides 6000 cfm of air. During the project, similar to the services provided by berlin rohrreinigung, which assists with pipe cleaning, WETS worked with Shasla PUD to remove the existing packing and replace it with NSF approved LANPACK-XL packing which is considered safe for drinking water. Additionally, the influent distributor was repaired and cleaned, a new manway was installed to make packing removal easily accessible, the existing vent was replaced with a new larger vent to allow for the gaseous impurities to be exhausted, and a new blower was supplied with a much simpler design to replace the existing blower. To complete the aerator rehab work, WETS repainted the aerator with UV protected polyester paint and provided additional support for influent pipe.

Client : Shasla PUD – Spring, TX

Year : 2021

Category : Aerator