R032 Rock Creek Resort WTP Pilot Study

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R032 Rock Creek Resort WTP Pilot Study

The groundwater well for Rock Creek Resort WTP had color issues due to higher iron and manganese content. Laboratory analysis of the well water shows a manganese content far above the TCEQ limit of 0.05 mg/l (at 0.71 mg/l) and iron content far above the TCEQ limit of 0.3 mg/l (at 5.37 mg/l).

WETS was hired to perform a pilot study to review options for iron and manganese removal from water, to successfully reduce the concentrations below the TCEQ requirements. Multiple pilot testing arrangements were performed using pilot aeration water treatment and pilot filtration. The pilot filter employed dual media using sand / anthracite and Greensand Plus / anthracite. Both the sand/anthracite and Greensand Plus/anthracite media performed well in the pilot runs. The sand/anthracite runs were done without the use of any coagulant or flocculent. Greensand Plus requires the use of sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) solution for proper activation of the Greensand Plus.

As both of the tested dual media performed well, and produced very similar results, the WETS recommendation to reduce iron and manganese is a system using aeration and dual-media gravity filtration using sand / anthracite. The sand / anthracite dual media is the cheaper option.

The recommended aeration / filtration system would consist of an elevated aerator and a gravity filter system utilizing sand / anthracite dual media. Each filter would have a transfer pump to send water to the GST. For filter backwash, water would be taken from the distribution system.

Client : Rock Creek Resort WTP

Year : 2023

Category : Pilot Study