P013 PB&SC WSC Pilot Study

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PB&SC WSC Pilot Study

WETS performed a pilot study at the Point Blank Stephen Creek (PB&SC) site where well #4 and well #6 produce 185 gpm and 200 gpm, respectively. The wells at this site operate intermittently and the well water is stored in a standpipe. The raw water produced by the wells contain arsenic, iron and manganese contaminants which were the primary concerns. A pilot study was carried out in 2020 to extensively study the optimal water treatment solution for the removal of contaminants. The arrangement of the pilot study included a small-scale gravity filter system utilizing dual media with Greensand and anthracite, static mixer, metering pumps, piping assembly and hoses. A hose bibb was used to transfer water from the well pump discharge to the pilot study equipment. Bleach was added to the raw water to provide chlorine activation of the Greensand plus media. The metering pumps were used to inject the chlorine solution through the injection quills into the main pilot water line from the hose bibb. Once the pilot study had been completed, WETS recommended the addition of another filter system and rehabbing the existing filters with new dual media, Greensand plus and anthracite to effectively reduce the arsenic, iron and manganese levels well below the TCEQ limits.

Client : PB&SC WSC

Year: 2020

Category : Pilot Study