P013 PB & SC WSC Well 4 and Well 6 Filters


P013 PB & SC WSC Well 4 and Well 6 Filters

The Point Blank & Stephens Creek WSC system well 4, with a capacity of 185 gpm, and a remote well 6 with a capacity of 200 gpm, were having issues with arsenic and manganese contamination. The manganese contamination introduced water color problems.

PB&SC WSC was injecting polyphosphate to address the manganese issue and minimize the colorization issue in the water. WETS was hired to perform a pilot study to identify the optimal treatment process for color removal from drinking water while also reducing the arsenic content, so that polyphosphate injection could be eliminated.

Based on the results of the pilot study, WETS designed, fabricated and installed a color and arsenic removal system consisting of four pressure filters; each filter in the pressure filtration system was designed for 50 gpm to accommodate a total design well flow rate of 200 gpm. The pressure filters were 4 ft diameter vessels with dual media consisting of Greensand and anthracite (Greensand is more effective in treating manganese compared to dual sand media).

Client : The Point Blank & Stephens Creek WSC

Year : 2022

Category : FILTER