N003 NE Washington County

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NE Washington County

NE Washington County located in Brenham Texas has a gravity filter system for Manganese and Iron removal from water. Each filter is designed to handle 80 gpm of flow with both filters handling a total of 160 gpm from the county’s well #3 and well #4. Due to the high concentration of Iron and Manganese in well water, the well water exhibits a dissatisfying appearance and taste. The dissolved contaminants have caused discoloration of the water. The installed gravity filters can reduce the Iron and Manganese levels significantly; however, since these filters have been in operation for several years, the filters were inefficient and rehab work was required. WETS aided the client in rehabbing their filter system by replacing the old media with new NSF approved media, replacing the old underdrain system with one that has a lesser pressure drop, installing a Leopold surface wash system to improve the backwash, and supporting plant start-up. The gravity filters are 5 ft in diameter with a side height of 14 ft. The images displayed on this page portray the results of the work performed by WETS.

Client : NE Washington County – Brenham, TX

Year: 2021

Category : Filter