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MUD 304

The MUD 304 water plant, located in Houston, has an aeration water treatment system for manganese and iron removal from water. WETS inspected the aerator and retrieved packing samples from the 4” inspection port located on the side of the aerator. The retrieved packing was bonded together by the oxidized iron deposited on the aerator packing. The removal of iron from well water is important to lower the concentration below TCEQ’s limitation; however, during the process of, the oxidized iron can cause fouling, in which case the water and air can not efficiently pass through the packing. For the aerator rehab, WETS cleaned the aerator by removing and disposing of the old packing. New Lanpac XL packing was provided, and a new manway was installed 3 ft from the bottom of the aerator to allow for the removal of packing in the future. WETS was successfully able to clean the aerator and bring the aerator back into full operation. WETS is committed to providing quality services and customer satisfaction to ensure that its current customer base retains trust for future projects.

Client : MUD 304 – Houston, TX

Year : 2021

Category : Aerator