M074 MUD 238 IX Filters


M074 MUD 238 IX Filters

The municipal water treatment system for Harris County MUD 238 had issues with radionuclides, and they were seeking the best water treatment solution for gross alpha and radium water treatment. Since the contaminants of concern are radionuclides, the project has been subject to the requirements of TCEQ’s Innovative/Alternative Treatment Regulations. A consultant had submitted a pilot study proposal for an ion exchange system for radionuclide control. The proposal was approved by the TCEQ and the pliot study conducted. The engineering report summarizing the pilot study results and proposing a treatment system was approved by the TCEQ. WETS was approached to design and supply an ion exchange resin treatment plant for gross alpha and radium removal from water, according to the specifications approved by the TCEQ.

The WETS design featured four carbon steel ion exchange columns each design for 125 gpm; instrumentation and valving for fully automated processing; a PLC-based control panel, salt tank for 10% caustic solution for resin regeneration; and all required backwash and regeneration connections.

Client : Harris County MUD 238

Year : 2023

Category : IX Filters