M073 MUD 163 Aerator and Tower


M073 MUD 163 Aerator and Tower

Montgomery County MUD 163 had odor issues due to hydrogen sulfide and approached WETS for an effective hydrogen sulfide treatment. Based on the results of a pilot study and its extensive experience as a water treatment company, WETS recommended an aeration water treatment system to remove the odor issue. Insignificant amounts of iron and manganese were present in the well water so a standalone aeration unit was sufficient to address the hydrogen sulfide smell issues. The aeration unit would also remove hazardous gases from the well water, making the water safer for downstream units.

WETS supplied a 8 ft diameter x 14 ft high fiber glass aerator on a 30 ft high aerator tower. The scope of work included installing the aerator and tower, influent piping to aerator, effluent piping to the existing GST with provision for a future GST connection, the control panel, and installation of the chlorine line from the existing chlorine room to influent pipe and effluent piping of the aerator.

Client : Montgomery County MUD 163

Year : 2023

Category : Aerator