M062 MUD 281

MUD 281

MUD 281

Municipal Utility District #281 has a ground aeration water treatment system that strips methane from the well water. The client reached out to WETS LLC as their aerator needed rehab work. The aerator to be rehabbed was a 12 ft diameter aerator with a height of 20 ft capable of handling a flow of 2000 gpm. To rehab the aerator, the existing packing was replaced with new LANTEC XP NSF approved packing. WETS also provided a new NSF-approved fiberglass distributor header. Additional scope of work included repainting the aerator, adding additional vents, providing a chlorine injection point and a new overflow line, as well as a new control panel. The control panel was fully tested, and the successful completion of the project ensured client satisfaction for the rehab of their municipal water treatment system.

Client : MUD 281 – Houston, TX

Year : 2020

Category : Ground Aeration Unit