M059 MUD 157 Montgomery County Pilot Study

M059 MUD 157 1

M059 MUD 157 Montgomery County Pilot Study

WETS had designed and installed a 2200 gpm elevated aeration water treatment system for Montgomery County MUD 157 in 2019. An odor issue and high chlorination consumption on the discharge of the aerator were the major issues. The purpose of the pilot study was to determine quantity of gas produced in both wells, improve the hydrogen sulfide treatment to increase the hydrogen sulfide removal efficiency of the existing aerator, prevent gas build-up/blanketing in the well # 2 header and aerator distributor, and prevent backflow through the well pumps.

WETS performed a pilot study using an aeration and filtration unit. In addition to the pilot study, the well data was supplied to Lantec, the aerator packing supplier, for simulation runs using their 3.5” size LANPAC-XL packing. They considered different pH values and blower capacities at 6,000 CFM and 12,000 CFM.

Based on the WETS pilot study results and the Lantec simulations, the WETS recommended water treatment solution was an increase in blower capacity for the existing aerator, to provide increased air flow. The current blower capacity is 6000 CFM and WETS recommends adding another 6000 CFM blower to improve hydrogen sulfide removal in the aerator. The additional 6000 cfm of blower unit will help remove 10% more hydrogen sulfide thus improving the effluent water quality and reducing the chlorine consumption.

Client : MUD 157 Montgomery County

Year : 2022

Category : Pilot Study