M043 Montgomery County No. 105

MUD 105

Montgomery County No. 105

For Montgomery County MUD 105, WETS provided a GST water ventilation system to reduce methane to safe levels in the vapor space of a new GST. The system included a blower, ventilation stacks and a control panel. Methane gas is an explosive gas with lower explosive limits (LEL) of 5% when combined with air. Methane is a very volatile gas and easily separates from water. Methane gas, once disengaged from water, accumulates in the top of the ground storage tank and creates a potential explosive hazard

The purpose of the GST ventilation system is to dilute the methane gas content by introducing air from the blower. The mixing of methane gas with air reduces the methane content significantly below the LEL.

A positive ventilation system providing 6,000 cfm of air by blower was installed at the center of the GST with four 12″ perimeter outlet vents. The blower is designed to run when the well comes on and to continue to run for approximately five minutes after the well has shut down. Sensors in the control panel sound the alarm if the blower fails to run while the well is in operation.

Client : MONTGOMERY COUNTY NO. 105 – Conroe, TX

Year : 2020

Category : Aerator