M043 MC MUD 105 Elevated Aerator

MUD 105

M043 MC MUD 105 Elevated Aerator

WETS was approached to perform an assessment of methane levels at Montgomery County MUD 105 and recommend the best water treatment solution for the problem. At the time, the gas produced with the water accumulated in the two GST’s. A blower system on the GST’s was designed to remove the gas and address safety concerns associated with methane in the gas.

A WETS pilot study was performed, the purpose of which was to determine the amount and composition of gas produced with the well water, and address how to best handle that gas in the GST’s. In the pilot study, the analysis showed the gas as 49 mol% methane, 50.6 mol% nitrogen, 0.4 mol% carbon dioxide and H2S <0.1 ppm (below the detectable limit). At this methane concentration, there is a safety concern associated with the explosive potential of the gas in the GST’s.

Based on the results of the pilot study and WETS’ extensive experience as a water treatment company, WETS recommended the use of a aeration water treatment system with blower to best address safety concerns. Safety of the GST blower system could be improved by use of explosion-proof motors and other measures, but there is still an inherent danger to the tank blower system associated with the tank vapor space, that can be eliminated with the use of a dedicated aerator vessel. By using the aerator, the gas is completely removed from the water because the design allows for much more surface area for air and water contact.

WETS provided a 12 ft diameter x 15’ high fiberglass aerator with two blowers on a 30 ft high aerator tower. Scope of work included the concrete foundation for the aerator support tower and the blower control panel.

Client : MONTGOMERY COUNTY NO. 105 – Conroe, TX

Year : 2023

Category : Aerator