M007 Manville WSC

Manville WSC

M007 Manville WSC

Manville WSC Beaukiss municipal water treatment system had color and turbidity issues mostly related to iron and manganese. They were also interested in upgrading the facility by rehab of the existing 210 gpm filtration system and addition of a second 210 gpm filtration system, for a total plant capacity of 420 gpm. The client contacted WETS for help in identifying the best water treatment solution for this project

WETS conducted a pilot study for turbidity and iron and manganese removal from water. Multiple pilot testing arrangements were performed using pilot aeration and pilot filtration. The pilot filter employed dual media using Greensand Plus and anthracite. The pilot processing was very successful in reducing iron, manganese, and turbidity, and producing a clearer and more appealing product.

Various options were discussed with the client with respect to the rehab of the existing 210 gpm filter and upgrade of the system to a 420 gpm capacity. Based on the discussions, the upgraded WETS pressure filtration system consisted of two horizontal pressure filters of 7 ft diameter and 4’-6” SS length; each filter is designed for 210 gpm flow, for total flow rate of 420 gpm. One filter is the existing filter, refurbished. New equipment included the second filter, the holding tank for the second filter, and recycle water pumps for both filters. The plant was also upgraded to an automated backwash system.

Client : Manville WSC

Year : 2022

Category : Filter