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Leisure Lane RV Park located in Pinehurst, TX faced an Iron and Manganese issue in their drinking water. WETS designed and fabricated four dual-media 50 psig pressure filters for Iron and Manganese removal from water. Each filter was designed for 20 gpm of flow rate. The diameter of each filter was 2.5 ft with a height of 5 ft. Piping work was also included in the scope of work. A backwash line was installed to allow for a proper backwash procedure to clean out the Iron and Manganese particulates collected in the filter media. During normal operation, water flows from the existing well to the inlet of the pressure filtration system consisting of the four pressure filters. The filtered water flows out from the outlet and travels to the existing tanks. From there, the water is distributed to the RV station. Chlorine was also injected into the inlet line before the water entered the filters. The filter system has been thoroughly removing the Iron and Manganese particles from the water and the client was satisfied with the treatment process.

Client : Leisure Lane RV Park – Pinehurst, TX

Year: 2021

Category : Filter