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The Gonzalez County water plant 794, in Gonzalez, TX, produces 440 gpm of well water with high concentrations of iron and manganese. WETS provided a gravity filtration system to Gonzalez County in 1997 which is currently still operational. Gonazlez County Plant 794 has two 10 ft open circular gravity filters to which the water is distributed equally. The client reached out to WETS to resolve ongoing issues. TCEQ issued a notice to Gonzalez County to cover the open gravity filters. Additional work included inspection of the gravity filters to understand why one filter had higher concentration of iron and manganese in the water than the other filter. The pilot study for Gonzalez County was performed on December 16th 2020. WETS utilized an aeration water treatment and gravity filter system during the pilot study. Aeration was used to strip volatile gases out of the water while filtration with Greensand plus was used to trap the oxidized iron and manganese particles, therefore producing clean drinkable water. Based on the pilot study, the client was recommended to modify the filter covers, creating an aeration section in the filters, and adding a Leopold surface wash to improve the backwash procedure.

Client : Gonzalez County WSC – Gonazlez, TX

Year : 2020

Category : Pilot Study