E015 Emerald Estate WSC – Huntsville, TX


Emerald Estate WSC - Huntsville, TX

The Emerald Pilot Study was carried out on May 13th, 2021 by WETS at the Emerald Estate Water System where the well produces 24 gpm of water that is distributed to over a dozen residences in the area. The well water contained various contaminants such as hydrogen sulfide, iron, manganese, radionuclides, and color issues as well. For the one-day pilot study, WETS implemented its small-scaled version of its aeration water treatment and gravity filter system. The aeration system was used to strip the water of the volatile gases such as the hydrogen sulfide and radionuclides. Aeration also aided in the process of oxidizing the iron and manganese to turn these contaminants into insoluble particles. The filtration process utilized media to filter the particulates from the raw water. No bleach was used for the purpose of the pilot study. The pilot study was effective at removing the contaminants from the raw well water. WETS proposed the installation of a water treatment solution that comprised a single treatment unit that performs both aeration and filtration, also known as WAFU technology – WETS’ proprietary technology. For more information on the WAFU unit, please visit the WAFU technology section under the products page.

Client : Emerald Estate WSC – Huntsville, TX

Year : 2021

Category : Pilot Study