E019 EMC WSC Smithland


EMC WSC Smithland

At EMC WSC in Smithland, Well #1 and Well #2 produce water at combined flow rate of about 335 gpm. The water at this location contains high concentrations of iron and manganese that are well above the TCEQ limits. WETS performed a pilot study on September 21st 2021 to better understand the proper water treatment solution that would be required at this site for a full scale plant. The pilot study was performed at Well #1 since the well had higher iron and manganese concentration and both wells use the same aquifer. Aeration and filtration were employed for manganese and iron removal from water from the well water. The aerator employed in this pilot study was utilized to oxidize the soluble iron and manganese particles to turn them into insoluble particulates. The aerator consisted of NSF-approved packing to increase the surface area for water contact with air. Once the particles are oxidized, water is transferred to the gravity filtration system where the particulates are captured by the filter media. The filter media consisted of dual media with anthracite as well as Greensand plus. Chlorine was injected prior to the filter to ensure the Greensand was activated. Final water samples were collected of the pilot study for lab analysis to determine the post-treatment iron and manganese concentration level. Lab analysis indicates that the aeration and filtration system with Greensand plus media were adequate to sufficiently treat the raw water. Following the pilot study, WETS proposed the installation of its propriety WAFU technology to efficiently treat the well water and reduce iron and manganese to adhere to the TCEQ limits.

Client : EMC WSC – Smithland, TX

Year : 2021

Category : Pilot Study