E019 EMC WSC Lodi



WETS conducted a pilot study in Jefferson for EMC WSC on March 16th 2021. The 175 gpm of raw water produced by Well #4 at Jefferson contained hydrogen sulfide, which was the primary concern at this location. The presence of hydrogen sulfide caused odor issues in the well water. Higher concentration of TDS was also another concern in the well water being produced. For TDS removal, a reverse osmosis system is required; however, for the purpose of this pilot study, a RO unit was not implemented since RO units can be successfully designed based on the water analysis. The one-day pilot study utilized an aeration water treatment and gravity filter system for hydrogen sulfide treatment. The aeration process aided in stripping volatile gases from the well water while the filtration process comprised of Greensand media and anthracite to resolve the issue. Greensand Plus contains a manganese dioxide coating which aids in absorption of hydrogen sulfide from the raw water. Chlorinated water was used to activate the Greensand. The dual media of 20/40 sand and anthracite are required to capture the floc. Various flocculants and coagulants were also tested but were deemed unnecessary. Based on the successful completion of the pilot study, WETS recommended the installation of its propriety WAFU technology and possibly a RO unit for TDS removal.

Client : EMC WSC Lodi – Jefferson TX

Year : 2021

Category : Pilot Study