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Elderville WSC, located in Longview, Texas, faced color issues with their drinking water produced from their wells. After reaching out to WETS, a pilot study was swiftly conducted to identify the optimal treatment process for color removal from drinking water. Based on its extensive experience as a water treatment company solving color issues for previous clients, WETS proposed a pressure filtration system with three filters to treat the color issues. The color issues were caused by the presence of organic matter, specifically lignins and tannins. The 3-filter system, each filter with a diameter of 6 ft, would be capable of processing a flow of 110 gpm. The process engineers at the firm worked to determine the optimal water treatment solution for the processing plant. After the vessels were fabricated and installed, the plant was commissioned. The well water treatment process consisted of mixing ACH as a pre-treatment procedure to allow for the organic matter to form a floc which would be filtered out by the filter media in the filter system. Pressure relief valves were installed to allow for air to be relieved from the pressure filters through an auxiliary route. An installed flow meter measures the flow rate of water flowing into the filters. The proposed 3 filter system successfully resolved the color issue at Elderville.

Client : Elderville WSC – Elderville, TX

Year: 2021

Category : Filter