E019 EMC Smithland Filter WAFU


E019 EMC Smithland Filter WAFU

The EMC WSC Smithland plant had two well pumps, with a combined flow of 335 gpm. as part of their municipal water treatment system. Lab analysis of the well water indicated high levels of iron and manganese that exceeded TCEQ requirements. The high levels of iron and manganese were the primary cause of water discoloration.

WETS performed a pilot study test to determine the most efficient method for iron and manganese removal from water. Based on the results of the pilot study, WETS recommended using their WAFU technology, which combines a gravity filtration system with aeration, which provides advantages over the conventional aerator and filter units for aeration water treatment. For the gravity filtration media, WETS recommended Greensand Plus, which requires the use of sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) solution for activation. This treatment reduced iron and manganese levels well below the maximum levels set by the TCEQ.

WETS project scope included providing and installing two 7 ft x 16 ft fiberglass filter with aeration on the top and filtration at the bottom (WAFU Technology TM of WETS LLC); providing two 175 gpm transfer pumps; and a PLC-based control panel.

Client : The EMC WSC Smithland

Year : 2023

Category : WAFU Technology