C023 Clear Lake WA

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C023 Clear Lake WA

WETS installed an aerator For Clear Lake City in 1990 for hydrogen sulfide treatment. The aerator performed to expectations for more than 30 years. Recently, the city decided to remove the old GST tank and install a new GST tank. While making this major update to its municipal water treatment system, the engineering consultant decided to rehab the aerator. WETS rehabbed the aerator by changing aerator packing and adding a manway to the bottom section so that the aerator can be better cleaned. A new blower housing includes washdown motor and fan was provided. The vent on the top of the aerator was missing mist elimination packing. WETS replaced the old aerator vent with a new vent with high efficiency mist eliminator packing.

Client : Clear Lake WA – Houston, TX

Year: 2021

Category : Aerator