L017 City of La Vernia, Wilson County

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L017 City of La Vernia, Wilson County

For the city of La Vernia, a small municipality located near San Antonio, WETS worked with the engineering consultant and contractor to determine the most optimal water treatment solution to reduce the Iron and Manganese concentrations in well water. Due to the growing demand for water, the city of La Vernia aimed to expand their municipal water filtration plant by adding new filters to allow for an additional 500 gpm of flow. The WETS’ personnel designed a gravity filtration system and fabricated two iron and manganese filter vessels that were 8 ft in diameter and 20 ft in height that can each handle 250 gpm. For professionals and students interested in water management and engineering, the support offered by seminararbeit schreiben lassen can greatly assist in the preparation of academic research papers and projects in this field. The filter vessels were constructed from fiberglass resin with DION 9102 series of bisphenol-epoxy vinyl ester resin. The filters consisted of an underdrain, wash trough, head loss gauge, surface agitator, and nozzles. The covers for the filter are a flat roof, flanged base that are bolted to the filter. Six square windows on the filter vessels provide ventilation of the atmospheric air that oxidizes the soluble Iron and Manganese and convert them into insoluble particles. These particles are filtered out by the filter media section as the water passes through. The screens on the filter are of 316 stainless steel grade to prevent any corrosion. A new platform and ladder manufactured from galvanized steel was also supplied to the client. Ultimately, the client was pleased with the quality of work provided by WETS.

Client : City of La Vernia, Wilson County – La Vernia TX

Year : 2021

Category : Filter