D008 City of Dilley

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City of Dilley

The city of Dilley has a water plant with an aerator and gravity filter system designed to handle 1100 gpm of flow rate. The well water being produced contains high levels of iron and the filtration system is designed to mitigate the iron concentration in the final treated water. WETS installed a 4-filter system several years back when the plant was first in operation. The gravity filters were designed for 275 gpm of flow rate each. Each filter was 8 ½ ft in diameter with a side height of 15 ft. A manual backwash system was incorporated where the operator must open and close various valves. Recently, the client reached out to WETS for rehabbing the 8 ft diameter fiberglass aerator at the facility. The purpose of the aeration water treatment system is for oxidizing the soluble iron particles and turning them into insoluble precipitates. WETS’ scope of work included removing and replacing the existing packing with new NSF approved Lanpac-XL packing. WETS also pressure washed the interior of the aerator, replaced the support grating and header/lateral system, repaired the vent, installed a 20-inch manway to access the interior of the aerator, added a 6-inch nozzle for packing inspection, and sterilized and brought the aerator back into full operator. Finally, the aerator was also repainted with a UV protected paint. WETS was able to swiftly bring the aerator back into operation for the client to resume operation.

Client : City of Dilley – Dilley, TX

Year : 2021

Category : Cooling Tower System