C053 Caney Creek HS Aerator

C053 Caney Creek HS 1

C053 Caney Creek HS Aerator

Caney Creek HS had a 300 gpm elevated aerator in VOC Stripper service and wanted to increase capacity to 500 gpm for its aeration water treatment system. The water plant upgrades were part of a larger design build contract for a new junior high school. The client asked WETS to determine the best water treatment solution for the new requirements. WETS reviewed the new system requirements and the existing system design and determined that a new aerator of 6 ft diameter was required. However, the existing influent and effluent line sizes were adequate for the additional flow and the existing aerator tower could support the increased weight for the new aerator. A new blower of 6000 cfm was required. WETS removed and disposed of the existing 5 ft diameter aerator tower, supplied a new 500 gpm aerator and installed it on the existing aerator tower, and made the proper influent and effluent piping connection with new aerator, along with the electrical and chlorine connections.

Client : Caney Creek HS

Year: 2022

Category : AERATOR