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CWC – Brenham, TX

WETS had designed and installed an aerator and two dual filters of 300 gpm capacity for Central Washington County in 1985 as part of its municipal water treatment system. A surge tank and holding tank were installed to use the recycle water and minimize water wastage. In 2018, CWC decided to increase the plant capacity by 300 gpm. WETS recommended using their WAFU technology, where the aerator and filter units are combined in a single unit, which provides advantages over the conventional aerator and filter units for aeration water treatment. For CWC, high iron precipitation in the aerator causes frequent plugging of aerator packing; additionally, the water well produces fine sand which also plugs up aerator packing. The WAFU unit design resolved the issue of fine sand deposition and retained iron oxide precipitates in the filter zone.

Existing surge tank and holding tanks can accommodate the backwash needs of two additional filters. The transfer pumps operate between high and low level.

Client : CWC – Brenham, TX

Year: 2021

Category : WAFU® Unit