A019 Austin County WSC

Austin county

A019 Austin County WSC

Austin County filters rehab project required changing of filter media, removal of the platform between the two filters, painting of filters, providing fiberglass covers, and improving filter performance for their gravity filter system. Prior to filter rehab, they were using chlorine to oxidize iron and manganese. To reduce chlorine consumption, WETS modified the filter to a top spray inlet so that the iron and manganese in the water can be oxidized by air. The filter inside painted with NSF-approved paint to meet the TCEQ standard for potable water. Filter outer shells were painted with a UV-protecting paint to improve the aesthetic of the plant. WETS also provided an O&M manual.

Many filters in Texas are still open on the top, and TCEQ is becoming stringent on covering the top. WETS provides the vent with 16 mesh stainless steel screen to prevent bugs from entering into filters. As a full-service water filtration company, WETS provides filter inspection services, and recommends filter media inspections every year.

Client : Austin County WSC – Bellville, TX

Year: 2021

Category : Filter