Our Services


Our Services

From our establishment in 1976, WETS has maintained primary focus on providing cost-effective solutions to the water treatment issues of our clients. We have the capabilities to engage with our clients from the earliest stages of their projects, assisting clients and their consultants on pilot study planning and execution, and treatment solution recommendations and implementation. We can also assist clients on getting proper EPA, TCEQ or other regulatory approval for their water plant. In our over forty years of operation, WETS has served more than 500 satisfied clients throughout Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

We have earned a solid reputation in supply of our own equipment, utilizing our in-house design and fabrication capabilities. We are also well recognized for the skills and capabilities of our services group. WETS experienced professionals will come to your site to provide recommendations on servicing and rehabilitation of filters, aerators and strippers. We supply anthracite, carbon black, green sand, support gravels, and other media to meet the yearly requirements of clients. Our filter rehabilitations extend to repair or replacement of underdrains as required.

Proper aerator operation is dependent on periodic inspection and possible replacement of packing media, which is prone to significant fouling over years of operation. We supply and rehab aerators with Koch-Glitsch, Lantec, and Nortec packings. We maintain an in-house stock of fans and motors for aerator blowers, so our clients can be supplied without interrupting plant operations.

Services WETS LLC

The WETS Services Group includes its pilot study team. WETS’ ability to conduct a pilot study quickly and inexpensively is a clear differentiator for our company. WETS will mobilize its pilot study team to your site and conduct the appropriate studies on a slipstream of your water. Our pilot study report will lead to the design of a customized solution, and be part of documentation for TCEQ approval.

Innovative Solutions to Simplify Liquid Analysis

Pilot Studies

WETS offers a pilot study program to determine the optimal solution to a client’s needs.

Equipment Maintenance & Services

Throughout its 40-year history, WETS has been supplying on-site services to its customers.

Engineering Solutions

The development of engineering solutions is integral to our approach in solving your water quality issues.
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Solutions to your water treatment needs

Whether you want a new water treatment system installed, need your current one inspected and repaired, or just want a free quote, contact the WETS LLC. With years of experience in the industry, our skilled team members are trained and knowledgeable with a variety of leading water equipment and products. Our certified water purification experts are here to help.