W.E.T.S.LLC - "Train To Live"
     Water Egress Training Systems has developed a training program to educate personnel about the special conditions that may exist during a aircraft/vehicle in water emergency. The course includes a classroom session and a practical session. The classroom session covers areas of operations that may expose crews/persons to an aircraft/vehicle in water emergency. The course also covers obstacles of egress/escape, aircrew crash positions, preparation for an in water emergency, and the steps of egress/escape. The practical session places the student in an egress trainer where they can practice or rehearse their egress skills. This course will better prepare the participants to survive a water ditching emergency.
    Why Water Egress Training? 
     “Underwater egress training is invaluable for any pilot who flies regularly over water, regardless of the type of aircraft flown. As a matter of fact, passengers or non pilot crews who also fly regularly over water should consider underwater escape training”.
                                                   Transport Canada Aviation safety letter, Issue 2/98
     "Given that the physical impediments associated with escaping from a submerged seaplane are often not insurmountable, it is likely that many people do not escape because they are not adequately prepared to do so" .                                                                         
                                                                      Damien Lawson, Transportation Safety Board
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