The American Water Works Association is an international, nonprofit, scientific and educational society dedicated to ensure safe and clean water. AWWA members include water utilities, water plant managers and operators, manufacturers, scientists, academics and environmentalists.

The AWWA offers education to water professionals, collects and shares knowledge, and advocates for safe and sustainable water. These tasks are accomplished through the publication of periodicals, books, training manuals and videos, and the hosting of conferences and exhibitions.

A key role of the AWWA, begun in 1908, is the development and maintenance of industry standards for products, processes, and best practices for the potable water industry. There are more than 180 such standards, covering filtration materials, treatment chemicals, disinfection practices, meters, valves, storage tanks, pumps, utility management practices and steel, concrete, asbestos-cement, plastic and ductile iron piping and fittings.

The AWWA is an umbrella organization for 43 sections, each representing a geographic area. The Texas AWWA is the second largest section, with over 4000 members and volunteers.

WETS LLC is a proud and active member of the AWWA and the Texas section of the AWWA.

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