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       Water Egress Training Systems is located in Denton, Maryland. We can provide local training or conduct the training at your loacation. Our  instructors offer over 30 years of combined experience teaching Basic Water Egress and operating a Shallow Water Egress Trainer(S.W.E.T.). Our Trainer "Dunker" offers doors and push out windows to add realism during egress scenarios. We can configure the trainer to meet the student's needs based on his or her experience or comfort level.We have trained Law Enforcement and HEMS Flight Crews. We also provide training for attendees of the  annual A.M.T.C(Air Medical Transport Conference)
Organizations we have trained:
Mayo Clinic Med Air
E.C.H.O.-East Coast Helicopter Organization 
Fairfax County Police Helicopter Division
Haiti Air Ambulance
Metrolifeflight - Cleveland
Maryland State Police Aviation Command
John Hopkins Neonatal Flight Teams
Maryland  Natural Resource Police
AMTC- Water Egress Course 2006 - 2009, 2011-2014 (President's Award)
Georgetown Pilot Association, Delaware
    Last week I completed the US Army’s dunker training.  I am writing to make you aware of how impressed I am of the water egress program that you have developed for the MSP.  Everything that you are teaching is on par with what we learned down here.  Additionally I would say that your lecture portion significantly exceeds what they teach and I felt that your approach of locating reference points (i.e. using the center of the seat) was more beneficial while egressing.  The dunker you developed out of PVC pipe is significantly more beneficial than the one they use.  Like your program, the dunker training here is only one day and is contracted through XXXX  XXX Services Inc.  Nonetheless, great job with the dunker program back home.  I would have to say for the size of our operation, we are right there with the big dogs (if not better).  Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.
Fly safe, WO1 Candidate
P.S. I’ve attached some pictures to show your how elite the “Dinges Dunker” actually is!
WO1 xxxxxxxxx
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Mayo Medair
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